Next two weeks of Landscapes

This is going well so far and I have been two different places but I will be going to same places a few times thought out the year maybe more if anything.  but most of these places will be for the time being close by. I will be looking at redoing night in London photos as I might go to different locations and just not along the river.

Joydens wood (2018-01-10)

This is a great place to go for rides just not for landscapes mainly at this time of year.  I say that as there was nothing on the trees and there was alot of mud and puddles just they are a bit deeper then you would think.

Scadbury (2018-01-18)

this was meant to walk around this park and I ended up in another park area.  It was a good nice viewed walk, but there was alot of mud and when out for a walk it is not that great but when I am on my bike it is good fun.  I have taken some great photos and landscapes which I have worked on there a few days.

At this time of year, this wooded area looks like it is the huated area.  This is a great place for a shoot but I might need to start driving as it is in the middle of now where.

I love how it looks like it is the start landscape adventure this year.  It is going well and I do hope I can find more places as well as going to some places in the morning.


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