Southbank and snow

As I write this I am not sure if this will be two shots or more. As there is still more snow coming in the next few days then we have had in the least few. So I will be going out and doing more landscapes all over the place. I will be hoping to shoot in more than one park.

Southbank (2018-02-21)

This was a nice and good walk as there was more of I have not thought about doing some landscapes and thought I could use some of these spots as part of photo comping as I am trying my head at that.

5 Aches Snow (2018-02-27)

Well, it snowed. This was done after a few hours of snowing but I know it will only get deeper and more stunning as there is more snow coming down. These are some of the shots that I love from this mystical time. It is march nearly and having snow is really amazing, but in a few weeks, we could be having a heat weave after.

I did shoot some animals as well. The first ones are just them being them.

Well, this set is more all bets are off. As there is a ton of feathers as they feed.

I am going to do another blog about the rest of the photos that I have done.

I do hope you love these shots.


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