Hidden spot’s

There are some amazing and stunning hidden spot’s in and around Eltham these are some amazing and stunning places that you have to see to believe.  I do love how they have come out.

Eltham Park (2018-03-07)

There some amazing views and clouds that happened during this walkabout.  I love how these have come out whit the light of the sun coming through.  There was a burnt out building and a set of dirt jumps in this park.


These jumps are coved up so they will not get muddy.

Oxleas Meadows (2018-03-14)

This is somewhere I thought that might be an amazing place to shoot as I originally thought there would be views over London, but instead, it faced the other way, going to kent and the south-east.


I do hope you like these as some of them I have done some amazing shots that look different to what they should but they just jump out. I also hope you enjoyed them.


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