GOBO (Gose Before Optics)

Right, this is all about GOBO’s which means Gose Before Optics.  This is something that I love the look off in photos.  What are they?  Well GOBO is something that goes up in front of the light sauce and gives off a shape of some sort.  This can be anything from a design to lines that go across the face.  I personally like all the ones where use objects in front of the lights as well as some gels.


I have done some of these before in shoots where I use what is around me.  On this shoot, I used a tree by accident as this gives an amazing shadow across the face.  I was using a window to give a great reflection on the face and thought some bars that were in front of the window and light sauce.


You could also say that using softboxes are GOBO’s as well as anything else that is bolted on to a light as well as anything else.  As these are something that changed the light flow to the subject.  This is how all the GOBO’s work really as they make the light move in any way they can, as this is something that can change away an image could look.  As GOBO is an amazing fun.


The best way to see what you might like is just to play with light.  There are many different types of GOBO’s in this world you just have to go out and find what you are looking for.  I am going to sit down and have a play with glasses and flash guns that I have to see what the light does.  As this play around will look at what will look good and be great to have a fun time.


I hope you like what I say as I am going to have some fun with them.


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