Park and beach time

I have shot at a place I am used to shooting at and a place I have not shoot at before.  I love how one is really nice and cloudy as for where the second is less cloud but more interesting things in the foreground.  You just have to look for the beauty in boarding places.

Danson (2018-03-23)

This was me waiting for a shoot that I have to do.  There was some stunning skies as well as some amazing shots.  I know I was at a close place to me and been there before.  I do love how they look.

Beach and trains (2018-03-26)

I have put these into two sections where one is for the beach and the other is with trains from the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch light railway.  These are some great shots and there are also some nice train shots as well.

These are from the train that was there about to leave the station, with all the steam coming out of the train.

I do love how some of these shots at the steam and clouds look amazing.  There are alot of clouds in the sky which make the photos look amazing.  I all so love the look of the metal of the train and glass.


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