Cleaning my kit

This is something that all photographers should do.  As there are many reasons to clean the kit.  The top one is that your kit will be in good condition. What all so helps is that there could be dust on the photos, which can be in not so great places.  This blog is more about my DSL camera and lens than any over the type of camera.

There are a few things that I have learnt other the years which I will try and get across on this blog.  The biggest thing I have learnt is to do not loss lens caps but I keep breaking that rule all the time.  As I put them normally in my pockets and forget that I have done that. when I put the lens or camera away.  I do use kits that you can buy online for cleaning as this has everything that you need for a shot.  This is what is in the kits:

  • Lens cleaning fluid
  • Lens cleaning tissue
  • Blower
  • Double-sided cleaning pen
  • Cleaning Cloth

There are also some other things that are good to use, which are:

  • Cleaning wet wipes
  • Cotton buds

What I normally do is starting out by cleaning the filters on my lenses and then start working on the front of the lens.  Then I would cover the front lens and filter as I would take off the said lens. To clean the back.  I would use a mix of lens cleaning fluid and lens Tissue with cleaning cloth.  This will make the glass nice and clean. If there is something still there then I would use the non-brush side as it is designed to take off the more stubborn marks that would go on a lens.

The idea of this is to keep your retouching down to a minimally amount.  Also, it is good practice as there can be times when there is alot of dirt about.  The one thing I have to say is I normally do not clean the mirror or the sensor as knowing me I would put scratch marks into them.

I do hope this helps you if you clean your camera this is mainly for DSLR cameras.


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