Beach time and springtime​.

This was two very different weeks of shots one was done on a cold and cloudy walk along a beach and the other was when the rain started to go over at my local woods.


This was done on a long walk and day where fly in as well.I walked from Whitstable to Harn Bay.  The only thing was that the wind picked right up and then died out so rain could take its place instead.

the one cool thing about these beaches have some really cool coloured beach huts and I think they just stand out.

I do have to say seeing some of these huts in this overcast weather just looks amazing.

5 Arches(2018-04-14)

I chose here as there are some amazing spots to shoot but also to show what it looks like in spring than winter.  I love how some of these have come out and the way the rive is moving down the stream and there is something about the water that just looks amazing and surreal.

These ones below are just some of the photos from the rest of the shoot. I did at this amazing spot.

I do love doing this landscape shoot per week as it gives me a chance to see different places in a different light, this does include some places I go to alot.

I hope you like them as some will be on sale soon.


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