London to Brighton off-road 2018 | Why I am doing this and what other blogs I am doing for this ride.

This blog is all about the training, leading to the ride and the ride itself.  There will also be bits on why I am doing this and my hopes for the future.  The reason for doing this is that my mum has Vascular Dementia. I am hoping that this can help sort out how it is detected as a way to help out with diseased blood vessels, which is a cause of this and many other heart problems.

This is one of the reasons that I am doing this ride, the other is that I would love to challenge myself, this is one hell of a challenge.  I am thinking the next year if this goes well I will do more cycling challenges like this.  I do hope to loads more for dementia UK as this is more important to work out what how we can fix and support dementia patients.  I will also be looking Alzheimers research UK as that is another way to help out with the problem of dementia.

I am looking on there sites for MTB events as this is something I feel more comfortable doing than being on the road.  This is something I might have to get used to as the road looks more like where the most challenges are.  This is unless I chose to set one up and see how it goes.  There is one challenge I have wanted to do from since I have started to ride my bike a few years back.  It is called cyclocross three peak challenge, which is an amazing mix of hills and flat road.  This would also be the perfect challenge for me as it is off-road just as much as it is on road.

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With the training, I will be putting next to the weeks a link to the weekly roundups If you like to read them day by day as these are going to be just how the ride was in the end.  This will be put into every 4 weeks.  I will also in the least one write about the kit I will have with me.

The Ride

With this, there will be a video of different lengths I hope as one will be a short and fun one with small sections and feel to the video.  I will also be doing a full-length one so you can see start to finish as I will have to stop from time to time to change my batteries.  I will also be writing a blog about the ride and how it all went.

After the ride

This is will be how well I have recovered and how it feels to do something like this.

How I am doing reports

What I am going to do is show my improvements no matter how small they are.  To me, an improvement is still good.  I will be doing a weight check as well as speed on a set course which I have done loads before.

Speed – 7.4 mph

Time – 51:41 Over 6.41 miles

You just have to keep an eye out for this as it comes up over the next few months.


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