Aimless times

I have been reading one of my fav books, which is Jack Reacher.  He solves the crime and just sees different places in the USA, where he aimless walks around.  This is how I am seeing how I am shooting at the moment.  I have bought a new camera bag for just landscapes, as I am tired of shooting with a rucksack. On my back, as I had to take it off just to change a lens so this one is just a should style one, so I can just have it off my shoulder.

Scadbury (2018-05-03)

I did when on an afternoon I had free it was a fun walk and there where bluebells all over the place.  I was walking around aimless, with nothing in mind or place to go to.

Hyde Park (2018-05-07)

I did forget to put these photos up as well.  I shot these on a bank holiday, which was full of people sunbathing and chilling out.  The one thing I saw was a lot of bikinis, this was also a test shot for a project.  Which to me was not great as there was alot of things I was not comfortable in shooting so I did not.

I hope you like them




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