Time of shooting

This was based on time in and around a park as this was fun as it gave me a challenge.

Battersea Park (2018-05-18)

The park here was smaller then I thought it would be.  I just spent an hour walking around the park,  I did also some amazing macro shots with micro-mechanics and I love how they look which I might show in a later blog.

There was a duck’s on the lake.  There were some amazing shots of them on the water.

5 Arches (2018-05-21)

This was a shoot I did early in the week as I had a busy week.  I do love how parks look different thought out the year.  There are some cool shots of trees with greenery and the first ones where without this and the begin of the year and again I only spent an hour or so here,  I did also do some micro-mechanics as well.

Here are some of the animals that were at the park.

I do love how these photos have come out as they where fun to take and work on.


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