How my year is going.

I have been going through this year thinking of when my next shoot will be.  The one thing that has helped was the weekly landscape shoots.  This has been fun as I have seen very different places through new eyes or at least looking out for places.  The one thing I have to say is that I have started to look into comps, of Landscapes as I have some cool shots that I love.

This might turn into a book, and be talking about that for some odd reasons I have not been shooting Micro-Mechanics.  I was not shooting during that winter but know that I have a new bag for the landscapes, I can keep all with me so I can shoot them when I like.  While shooting with models is still fun and I can have a laugh.

The other big thing that I am doing this year is the London to Brighten off-Road.  Which is a big challenge and looks fun.  It is the more getting into shape will be fun and losing weight will be good as well.  One thing is I think I am more of a mountain biker than a road guy.

What I have planned I am just working it out in my head so that there are a few shots that I went to do and then there are a few blogs I am looking at writing as well.  But it is all the working out and planning I need to start looking at, doing more and different style of shoots.

I really hope the next half is even better than this.



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