London to Brighton off-road 2018 | Training | Week 1 – 4

There are links to the weekly round-ups next to each week if you like to see more details.  Here again is where you can donate your money for the ride so please click here.

Week 1 (14/05 – 20/05)

The week started out as low miles as I was feeling ill, but by the end, I was doing 13miles. I do hope to do some more miles and get faster as I will be getting up early and riding faster.  The only thing is right now my bike is being serviced and will not get it back for 2 weeks minimum, so that means I will be riding on the road which I have to say can be easier.  The only thing is I do not feel comfortable on the road and I am not sure if I will again.  The challenge will put me in places I have not been too so why not just get used to cycling on the road as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 17.35.01

As you can see the states are a bit odd I know I should have a good looking slope than a sharp hill at the end.

Week 2 (21/05 – 27/05)

This was a good riding week as my miles have gone up and it feels good to know I can do 88 miles a week.  This is good for training and would love these from my mountain bike.  I would also love to do more hours on my bike as I need these times to make the miles and to travel faster as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 08.35.07

Again this looks better as I was getting pain by the end of the rides.  This has been a good mileage week.

Week 3 (28/05 – 03/06)

It knows this same bed but I have not gone cycling this week due to a massive workload.   I was working 10 hours a day.  which is not great when you are trying to train as well.  So I hope to have some time next week to go and push myself back into my cycling for this amazing event.

Week 4 (04/06 – 10/06)

This was another week of riding on the road and I was amazed how little people use the road at different times of the week, I might turn Saturday into a ride on road during the week will be all about my mountain bike.  The big thing is the distance that I cover during the week.


As you can see my miles have gone up and would like to do more.  Also, I have changed to kilometres as well.  I will put the miles down as well just for this as I will do kilometres.

Report for the month

The one goes thing is that I have started to lose weight which can only be a good thing.  The only thing is that the speed has gone up as I am on the road as I am starting to ride longer and longer rides.  I can not wait to get back on my mountain bike as this where all my fitness is going to go to and how strong I am going to get.  I will be doing timed seasons in a set of woods.

I hope you sponsor me.






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