10 Photos or less

Right, this week for my landscape shoot I have only picked 10 photos from the walks as I think it is time I fewer images up on my blog.  I will be going to differnet parks this week just need to work out a day to do a landscape shoots.

Joydens Wood (2018-06-02)

This is the frist time in this wood with my camera for some time I have found a few places I would like to ride so I can some flow in my riding,  I know this does not show how steep the some of the hills are.  This place has some amazing hidden spots, but it is still a stunning place to ride more than shoot.

Sidcup Place (2018-06-08)

This is a place I use to play pitch and putt when I was younger.  There was not alot to shoot other than a fox.  I do have to say it was nice to explore this place more than I ever have done before.

These were not best places to shrink to ten so I might try to do this again one day soon.  I do hope to see more times where I limit myself to a certain number.


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