Graffiti​ and beauty. (Sophie D)

This was an amazing and fun shoot and there were some amazing bits of art on the walls. To me, Graffiti is an art form that I can not do on my own.  Working in the tunnel is great fun in all ways.  I did love working with Sophie Dana and would love to do another shot with her in the near future.

These are some great looking model shoots as this was me trying to do some product shots for the necklace as well.  The ones below show it off better but they are some stunning and fun times we had.

You may have seen this top before in the Pop-art shot I did last year as I hope to re-use all the outfits but in the right easy and not like these ones.  I used Purple for some of the gels as this was Sophie’s favourite colour.

I do like these photos but also love the background and how the gel has changed the feel of the photos.  I hope you like looking at these photos as much as I have had fun shooting them.


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