Black and white time.

These are from different places and times.  One is on the edge of London and the other was along the Thames.  I do have to say I do love this river and would love to move there which I will do in the future.  One thing I have done is but some duck food.  This might not sound like alot but this so I can get the animals closer to the lens.

Chislehurst Common (2018-06-13)

This is mainly a set of woods that are spread out thought out this area.  There was some nice pond there.  I do love how some spots just stead out.  I have to say I would be happy to shoot there again.  Mind you there are alot of places that are fun to work with.

River Thames (2018-06-21)

These were done late in the day and I am not a big fan of hot weather.  This is something the amazed me.  As I was walking along and thought about shooting into the sun and there are some great shots within this.

The shot of the crowd was there watching a band.  I might see if I kick-start an old project and show people watching people doing some amazing things on the street and stage.

I do love some of these shots.


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