Selling work here.

I am going to be from now and then to upload photos for sale this is the frist of mean that I hope to work with some fun and hope to sale a few of these photos.  I will be doing them in sets as I make the blogs and other things.

Pop art bottle

This will stand out on any wall and will look amazing.


Sunset over field

This was taken from one of my many walks. It was around sunset and just thought it looked amazing.


I do hope you love my style and work of me.  This is something I love and I will be doing all my own printing for this as I am not a fan of other people printing my work as it might never come out the way I went it.  All my prints will be A3 size as this shows off my work beast.  I will be doing a few blogs with more of my work going up.  I will also be selling my photos under all the landscape photos.


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