Miniature bottle photos for sale

What is for sale are photos of miniature bottles and not the bottles themselves.  These are shot from the Miniature Bottles book I have done.  There are also some amazing pop art shoots as well, which will be in a different blog if you like to buy them.  I have not uploaded all as there are 1000’s and that would be silly I am just picking some of the best.  These are the Miniature bottles as in the book, click here if you like to get the book.

Pink Engle

This is just something that will pop out on your wall.


Soft Mixers

These are some small mixers for small bottles. These are amazing fun and stunning to boot.


Mexican Time

This is a Mexican Tecquila with an amazing, hat and pouch.


Whisky time

These are differnet types of whiskys with on this one shot.


Town in a bottle

This is a bottle that looks like it is carved out of a tree.


All Dressed up

This is a bottle that comes like this as it is the dress of the nation that it comes from.


Whisky Shot

This is just a shrunken bottle. With a really cool glass that I brought for the shoot.


These are some of the bottles that are up for you too buy.  All the printing will be done be.


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