Romance and Love with Angeline

This was something I was hoping would be fun as I have not done a couple shoot in some time.  I meet up with one model on time and we did some photos then the other model turned up other an hour late which is annoying.  But then again he has not done a photo shoot before.  Personal I do not mind working with new models.  I am not that great working with male other female but it is still fun.

We were shooting around canals near Paddington station.  These are some nice places to shoot and have some really cool buildings as well.  It was the frist time I have worked with Angeline here is the link to her Purple Port account and for Instagram Click here.  I did not choose the other model and have forgotten his name.


There was also a bit of a mix up with clothing so Angeline was all smart and the other model was not on the same page as he was wearing t-shirts.  I should not complain at all.


This was a fun shoot.  I hope you like the photos.


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