Flowers in Royal Park​

I have chosen to shoot in two royal parks as one is more central.  I knew I was going to shot in two different parks but I did not know what will link them.  The reason why the flowers link them is that when I was in Greenwich and they were shooting a film or something in the park so I thought I would not disappear them and go for the flower garden.

Greenwich Park (2018-07-11)

There looked like there was a film or Tv show happening where I wanted to do some photos so I chose to flowers instead where I found a hidden gem which I have not done it justice.  As there was a poke ball flower bed.  What I mean is there was a bed with Half white and red round bed with a green dot in the middle.  It was really big so I could not shoot from about.  I think each bed was around 5 meters across.

St James Park (2018-07-21)

I have spilt it up as I have done alot of ducks as well.  So I am doing the flowers then the ducks as they look so different.

There was alot of ducks in here and how lazy they are in the morning.  As I went there in the morning.

For sale


I hope you like these and would love to buy some of my work


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