Weekly roundup (30/07/2018 – 05/08/2018)

If you are not sure if you know but I am riding London to Brighton off-road which will be fun.  Here is the link if you like to sponsor me, so please click here.

Monday Ride

This was a fun ride in cold wet weather where I could have ridden more miles, just did not find my other knee support so one knee was playing up a bit. After a while that is. I have to say that I need to pick my speed up so from now on I will be working hard for speed.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 13.27.47.png


Tuesday Ride

When I woke up this morning I looked at the weather and it was saying there are thunder and lighting.  So I thought I would be better to stay at home and spin.  I did a hard work out for 40 mins which got my heart up and sweet going I will be looking at doing more of these all the time.  As hopefully I will be improving my speed and stammer.

Wednesday Ride

I went out for a ride today and I was going along and my rear tyre was a bit soft.  I did not think it was that bad to start with I did not think much into it so I went out.  Then as I went round I thought that the tyre was going down, which it was.  So now I am sorting out what is going on with the tyre which I hope there is no hole but I will be refilling the tubeless tyres as I have not had many problems with it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.52.26.png


Thursday Ride

Went riding today and had some fun times.  Then at some point, while going uphill and then a spoke break.  Which is a bit of a pain so I had to stop and sort it out.  I will be sending the wheel off to the bike shop so I do not lose a day of training.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.05.09.png


Friday Ride

This was a fun ride and I need to start doing longer and longer rides.  I know I am not riding tomorrow as I am going landscape shoot early in the morning. The other reason is that I am just resting my knees. There were stunning views and great climbs, I admit I need to do more hills, for climbing I also have to look after my legs as well.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 15.40.58.png



I have chosen to go landscaping in the morning and not ride my bike as I went to try and get the morning mist.  I have been working on my bike today as I have started to the sort out my new tiers.  I have just been working out what I need for setting them up as the ones I use right now will not transfer to the new wheels.

Sunday Thought

It is has been an up and down week for riding and looks like I will be waiting to send off the wheel to be fixed as I have to wait for parts to turn up so I can have two sets of wheels for the bike.


“I’ll tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a bike. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammelled womanhood.”
Susan B. Anthony, 1896

I hope you enjoyed this


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