Clouds in the morning.

I got early in the morning to do these shoots.  Both of them were shot on a Saturday I got up at 5 am.  I chose places near each other but they are stunning to look at.

Sacdbury (2018-07-28)

The start of the day I was hoping to have some mist but there was none.  This was actually the second time I went to the park as the frist time I thought I had some power in my camera which I did not.  I then went back a few days later, as I had found and charged my batteries as well.

I did find an abandoned bike on my walk which looks amazing.

Chislehurst (2018-08-04)

There is some stunning sky but I to do some animals shoots as well.  Which this walk has them thought out the walk.  I have shot some of the woodlands for textures and things.

Here are some of the ducks, there is a duck family there where the parents were feeding their ducklings.

Here are the wood textures and macro shots.

I hope you like these.  I will be doing the blog where these are for sale next week I might do this more often where I spilt the blogs.


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