New additions to my bike and gear for cycling.

This is going to be somewhat of a different blog to what I have been putting up on Mondays.  I have done a change to my bike and as I was riding it I found out I love how it felt and think it is an amazing change to my riding as I was able to go at some pace around my normal route which amazed me.  I know know that I am going to get faster and faster as I have not started to use all my gears at the rear.  The One big change is I have gone from a 30 tooth chainring to a 34 tooth oval chainring.

I bought an Absolute Black chainring.  It looks a bit odd as part of the shape is sticking out and going from around chainring is just something special.  The one thing that I have noticed is that I was not losing my cadence.  If you do not know cadence is the speed you are paddling at which ideal you should be going at around 70-90 revolution per minute.  This area is ideal for losing weight and strengthening the legs for endurance.  This is an eare I am working on.  I have to say I am feeling more hopeful for riding London to Brighton off-road.  I have added a link to a blog about my training so far.

The other thing that I got was a new bag for me to use which I thought as soon as I saw it was really nice and good as my old one was starting to stretch out and feels that this is the right bag for me.  As there is loads of space for my tools, pumps, jackets and a bigger bladder.  I will also be able to hold more water and food if needs are.  I am just getting used to the test of the new bladder, as it is not very nice and I was not able to wash it out fully.  This new bag from Evoc FR enduro blackline backpack, which was a good price for a bag.  I do a have to say it feels safe and comfortable to cycle with.

I hope this helps as I have to say changing what is going on is something good and fun.


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