Thames river the view.

These are some amazing shots from my landscape walks next to the Thames river.  I love some of these places.  I have not picked loads for sale, so please have a look at the blog so click here.

Shard with clouds.

This was a fun shot of clouds with a chiny mordern building.


Cloud Shine

This is another shiny and cloudy sky's.


Books Under the bridge

This is where you can buy books at stalls.


Looking at Big Ben

This was a telescope that was oppsite Big Ben.


Cloudy day on the Thames

This was a fun day on a cloudy day.


Statue next to Thames

This was a statue that was next to the Thames.


This is a fun set of images for sale that has some cool sky.  I hope you like to see more.  These are all going to be printed on an A3 Gloss paper.


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