London to Brighton off-road 2018 | Training | Week 13 – 16

There are links to the weekly round-ups next to each week if you like to see more details.  Here again is where you can donate your money for the ride so please click here.

Week 13 (06/08 – 12/08)

Well, there are not many days till the big day.  I have to say what I have done this week is not good enough I need to start training harder and for longer.  The one thing I need to start sorting out is doing yoga.  This will loosen my knees and hopefully to stop my short rides, as this will be helping out as they do play up from time to time.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 14.58.58.png

As you can see there is a missing ride as it was tipping it down and that day I would be on the road.  I am not the happiest people riding there at the best of times.

Week 14 (13/08 – 19/08)

This was a good week of riding and there where loads of riding moments.  I have to say being out in the rain does not bother me and would love to do more mud riding as this is a harder ride.  I have done some good distance thought rides and would love to longer and faster rides as well.  I have a way to get my climbing up as well as my descending but it will take some time and be getting used to the routes but that is half the fun.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 14.58.45

This is a good amount of cycling done this week.  I will be trying to do at least 3hours a day of riding.  I will be keeping a close eye on the ascending so I can do as much as humanly possible in that time.

Week 15 (20/08 – 26/08)

This was a good week of riding as I have got things that I have been waiting for.  There are some bits I will be trying to improve on as I ride my bike.  Which is really the only place I can do it.  I need to start thinking about what I am doing more than anything else. There is one thing I am looking forward too is getting up late as most mornings I am riding by 6am and will be doing later in the day.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 08.10.03.png

Week 16 (27/08 – 02/09)

This was another good week of riding and getting used to all my new kit and seeing how it is all feeling.  I love to ride my bike and doing off-roading is way more fun than riding on the road as I feel safer there.  I do let dog walks by and have alot of fun going through longer rides and doing this challenge is can be a good thing.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 08.09.47

Report for the month

I am working harder and harder on my rides I love cycling and doing this is something that is amazing.  I to try some longer rides all the time.  I am looking at riding for 6 hours next week and increasing it all the time.  I will be doing more 4-hour rides as this will make more sense than miles I will be doing on the 22nd of September.


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