Zoom vs. prime lenses

There is something that I have to say as there are advantages and disadvantages to both in my view.  I will go through both types of lenses and that will work best for what you might need.  I will be starting with zoom lenses than on to prime lenses.


Zoom Lenses

There are many good things about using these lenses but a drawback as well.


  • You can stay in one place
  • You can zoom in


  • More things to twist
  • Less moving
  • Less thinking on the photos

There are alot of things that can help you out thought about many different things.  That can work out well,  I have to say I have not used one of these in some time.


Prime Lenses

These are really good lenses.  That I love to use as I love the way they feel.


  • You have to think more of the shot
  • Good for portraits
  • Easy to use


  • Far away from your subject
  • No zooming in

I have to say in my view they are good to use and I do like to use them.  At the moment I love them as they are sharp and the landscape photos.

You need to know what works out for you.  There are some things you will find better for you.  This is more something that you have to work out for you.  I love using prime lenses and have lost my love of zoom lenses at the mo as the one I have is not working right I have not tried to use it in some time.

I hope this helps you out.


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