After shoot workflow.

Well, this all starts in Lightroom where I upload all my photos and sort them out.  I normal colour correct them as there are colours that need to be there.  I then sort out the lenses profile as well, which will be better as there is normal some distortion that is there from that lense.  As each lens has its own feel and colour change.

The next stage is to convert all the images from the Camera Raw sate to a DNG (Digital Negative Graphics). This is what Adobe uses as there own Raw file.  Then I would go through all the images and see what is out focus and what looks good.  this bit does take a while when you have loads of photos to go through.

This last bit is worked in Photoshop as I can see all the images and work out what looks good or not.  These photos can be done a reset to what it was shot like.  I do this as I cannot make a mistake when I can so I can sort out and change the look.  Once these are done I do a contact sheet so I can select the photos I went to use.  I know this sounds like a lot of work but it is worth it.

Once I have chosen I then open it in photoshop and save them as Tiffs.  I save them as tiffs as I work in layers and when I go through my process which starts with the skin and generally clean up of the background.  Then once that is done I chose to do the skin softness and some dodge and burn on top which takes out the blemishes.

The only thing I do not do is Liquifying the model in any way as I try to keep the model looking as natural as possible.  I love working like this as the photos can look amazing.  Then I just save them for the web.

I work this way and they do look cool and I love to just keep things natural and real.  I do change the way I work if I see something that will make my work look amazing.  I am always trying to improve myself and the way I work all the time.


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