A small thing about me

I also like to learn things, from programming to cooking.  I have to say that it is nice to work out things as there are things that I can work with.  There are things that are hard to understand and this is something that I have to say is great for learning.  I love doing my own thing as well.  One of them is playing around photos, videos and my bike.  I am learning how to edit as you can get very tricky.

When I was younger and in college I learnt how to program and made one, but truth be told I had help from my brother as I am more of a photographer or at least an idea guy you see around.  I have a few ideas for games, videos and photos.  There are things that I have done that would love to have a bit of fun.  There are things that I do when I cook that I have a bit of fun with.  I cook all the time and try different things all the time.  I would say that this can be a fun thing.

I am not a fan of bucket lists.  I just know what I love to do and where I went to go to.  I know there are things that I would love to do just there are not many things that are not going to happen as I am living moment to moment as it is hard to plan things with the way that my mum is.  So to me thinking of the future is hard and not knowing what is going on is harder.

I have a thing where I love to tinker and play with things as I love learning how things work.  My favourite thing to do with my bike is work on.  I love taking it apart and fixing things that are broken.  I normally do this from time to time as there is something that is just wrong with it, but luckily there is not much that needs to change.

I hope you see how things click in me.


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