My next step?

I am not sure what to say it has been a few weeks since the London to Brighton fail.  Which I am ok with as there so much to my riding that I need to improve on and things I need to get done when I get out riding.  I have added the video of the ride which is where I have the part that breaks.  In terms of my cycling, it is quite easy really that is getting stronger on climbing and get faster as well.  As I was being overtaken like there is no tomorrow.

One thing I have not gotten yet is my driving licence I know I was meant to get it years when I was younger but I am someone that is not confident in things, I also might miss something that is important.  For years the reasons for not having a licence is that I am always in London and public transport has always been easy to sort out.  I have also got bad luck at times.  If I was meant to drive then I am sure I would have passed.  I am also someone that does not like being watched.

Know that there are things happen at hoe I need to get my licence to help out.  There are a few things that worry me and one of them is much a car costs and runs as well.  That might be why I like cycling as the parts are cheaper than a car.  There are things that are getting me to drive more.  One is going for rides around the UK and doing landscapes.  I have to say having a car for this would see very different places al other the place.  This will also get me off my arss, I can be very lazy all the time.

I do hope for the best and hope it comes true but things happen in life so you have to change.  There are things that might happen so I will need to learn to drive, just to take the pressure off other things.  Also if you are wondering where my cycling is I will have a new weekly roundup on Sunday as I have just sorted out my bike since London to Brighton.


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