Fire Dancing (Shanice Uylett)

This has been something that has been long comeing.  What I mean it has been a few weeks snice we started doing this video as we spilt it across two days, both in the evening one at night time and one during the early evening.  The Early evening was the frist set of videos.  There were a few things that went the wrong way.  To start with we did not have a lighter then the one we got was not working so we called the shoot before we needed too.  I made a fought cut of the video and it was a bit too short so we did a second set of videos which is know mixed in together.  The second shot was easier and went better as we had more than enough stuff for the shot.  We also have had some fun shooting with a boom stick and other new things.

These are the stills from both shots and under here is the video

These are the links for the model.

Instagram Model:
Instagram Ents:

This was a fun shot and would love to do more like this.


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