What is better wheel or controller for driving games?

Other the last few weeks I have been using a wheel,  instead of a controller.  This is what I think of how things feel while playing driving games.  I love the feel of using a wheel over a controller.  It has taken me a while to learn how to use the wheel,  there are things that changed the feel of the game.  The main reason I have got a wheel is that I will be learning to drive soon and thought this would help.


It is a strange thing changing from using my thumb to actually steering and controlling the cars with a wheel.  I have just used to using it even though when I was a kid I would play Daytona in my local bowling alley which was great fun.  I have to say that know that the wheel is here it was a while to get the settings right to use the wheel the way I went to.

I am a big driving gamer fan as there are alot of things that I can do.  I am not the greatest at them I just love driving games.  There are alot of things that changed the feel and look of the game once you get a wheel.  It does make using a controller hander less fun and using the wheel is alot more.  I have set it so I drive it like a go-kart.  I say this as I use to drive a go-kart.  I have never been that good at anything I do, but over time I know I will always get better and better at it, using a wheel is one of them.


There has been nothing better than using a wheel these days.  I dos still use a controller as I have not got drifting down at all, and that is something that I like to do.  When I was learning how to use my new wheel that I had to work out, what settings I need the controller at as they are set to something that is hard to control.  It took a while to work out what does what.  Once I did sort it all out it was fun to drive and control the car.  I will also be driving in different games as there are different ways things are used.

I do hope this is something that will change how I dive in games.


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