Foots Cray (2018-10-20)

This was something that I have been on planning on doing for some time.  I got up early to go to this amazing place as I use to cycle through here and would love how it all looks. I have been weather watching and then on this day, it was the right weather type.  I have to say seeing the mist and having my camera with me and not my bike I did have some hope that I would get the perfect set of photos for this week but I have to say these are looking amazing.  I have to say some of the best landscapes I have done in some time.  Please click on the squares so you can see the photos in full.



There where some amazing spider webs.  I love how these looks.


I am putting more up for sale on Redbubble and my site so clicks on their names if you like to see them.  I am not putting too many on here so you might as well look on there for the work.


Morning mist at sunrise

This was done before sunrise and the mist that is there looks amazing.



Stunning sky with mist

I love how the sunrise is as I was there before sunrise.



Dew on the morning grass

This is the moment the water is on the grass. I love macro photography and this is something that just looks amazing.


I love how these look so please look on Redbubble and my website for more photos for sale.


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