Tips on shooting in different​ seasons?

What I do with the landscape is looking at different styles and where things change.  This is said I am shooting early in the morning at the moment and love how things look with the weather.  This can look at in different ways as the more you shoot in each weather the better it can feel.  The only thing is though you have to keep an eye out on the light and what time you are shooting at.  The last few times I have been shooting in the early morning.  As there is some amazing light at that time.  I am going to be doing a few late night shoots as there are some stunning cool sunsets in some stunning parks and London.

One thing you have to look out for in shooting different seasons is the temperature, but I am sure you know that.  I am starting to change what I am wearing as most of the time I am just in a T-shirt and walking around as I start to walk around with a coat and looking for a set of gloves.  As I went out in the morning and got cold hands, which made me think I need some thick gloves.

One of the biggest things you need to keep an eye on is where is the sun when there is less cloud the photos will become more contrasty as where there is more you have to make sure you are balancing the light right.  I think it is worth it if you are shooting landscape photos to get a macro lens as you can make some amazing photos with it.

The biggest thing I have to say that you will need to keep an eye on during the colder weather time.  Is just make sure you have batteries as they will die quickly when being used.  But it is all ways good practice to have spare kit with you at all times.

I have not shot that many early morning in the summer due to the sunrise time.  I do love my sleep.  The biggest thing to me shooting thought out the seasons is wear the right thing and have the right clothes on for the time of year.  Also, you have to watch out for what you need to bring with you.

I hope this helps.


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