Colour temperature in photography

This is hard to explain as you can see white as white, but when it comes down to it the light that is given off can be very different in colour.  This is something you might not see straight away as your eyes will change to be white light to be white, that is if it is slightly off.   This is something you have to think about when shooting landscapes or in fact in buildings, as artificial lights have very different colours to them I am not talking about neon signs or gel colours I mean just normal lights in your house, office or space you are reading this.


The difference in colour is measured in Kelvins. There is a chart that you need to look at which is what is above that will help out with noticing what would be needed to be changed.  As there are a few things to watch out, as the red colours are warmer and are more in summer and the cooler side of the photos are blue which is more winter.  So when you get both sets of colours in one photo and it can look amazing.

You have to start balancing the lights you are using to get the photos to look in the right light.  This is something you have to look at as there are going to make something look out of place.  As this will lead to a bit of problem if there are different colour lights in one shoot.  Lucky you can work around this as there are tools in Photoshop or other editors that can work around this.

The golden hour is the coolest thing I have been working on is landscape.  As there is a golden light comes from the sun that goes thought atmosphere which gives a golden light.  Which adds more colour to the photos, and then see if there are things that change things.

I do hope this helps.


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