What is better for​ photography, colour or black and white?  

One of the things I love about photography is colour as that can change the look of photos from bright and colourfully to less then that, as where black and white photos are just darker and more interested in as you are working out where the colours are.

To me, there is something about some images like this as I love the look of the photos it all really depends on what you are thinking for the final look.  There would be different looks as you can see below.  I will use the same image for this set of images.

To me, these are colourfull huts and putting them B&W photos.  Which changes the looks to something that is a bit off.  So to me, there are alot of things that can change with black and white images can feel arty as where colour can feel very bright and good to look at.

There is something that can make some photos just pop when it is black and white or colour.  But there is something that you need to look at when working on your photos.  There are alot of things that can be said about colour and B&W photos they both have good and bad points.  You just need to work out what looks good for you.

I do hope this helps as me personally I love colour photos.


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