What should you look at when shooting indoors?

The biggest thing you need to think about when shooting indoors is the light levels. You might get something in the dark space but it is very unlikely, as there is always some sort of light in any type of space. But for now let us talk about the main light like.

  • Candles
  • Televisions
  • PC
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Blubls
  • Flash lights
  • Flashguns
  • Strobes

There are more light sauces you just have to see how space is. I personally think about how things would look when working in certain sports. Then if you have another light then you will be able to sort out the photos.

There is more to think about and that would be what are shooting. Then working out the amount of light you need or have is easier done. There are ways around having low light and they are.

  • Light painting
  • Slow shutter
  • small aperture

You can also mix these to make some amazing photos. I do like the idea of light painting which is where you use a touch or a handheld sauce of light and run it other your subject. Where you will get an amazing look to the subject and you can play around with the shutter speed and aperture, so you have a longer time in working with your subject and you can paint in different spots at different speed, this also includes colours as well.

More to the point of this blog which is tips for shooting indoors.

  • Know what you are shooting
  • Know what sort of lighting you have.
  • Think about the final look of the photos
  • Think about the camera and the settings of the camera
  • Take your time 
  • Do some testing if you can not take your time at your house
  • Know your kit

This is something I do. I like to know what I have in my bag how it all works and if there is anything that I need to know that could go wrong. I always make sure I am happy to work with my gear before working with it.

I do hope this helps.  Have fun shooting indoors


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