Where is my Cycling Diaries blogs?

I know there have not been any cycling blogs for a while. I am just not really cycling right know as I went to just let things happen and will pick it up again next year. I am trying to get out alot and do some miles, but since I have cut my miles down it is hard to say how many more days I will ride this year.

My biggest plan for riding next year is that I will try and get fitter sooner do more types of working out. I will be trying the London to Brighton again. I do have today I am asked more about the road one and to me that would not be alot of time as I can do that one fast. I do plan on doing the off-road one again but hope to start getting my body to go faster and for longer as I ride.

This is the one thing that I plan on doing for the foreseeable future. This is what I would love to do. I love being on m bike and would love to do some more miles on it. I will try and ride some new places as well. I am thinking about changing how the video is done as well. As there are things that will look different to what most people will do.

To me riding off road is a lot harder then riding road bikes and I think I can improve if I set goals and times to beat. Which is how I become faster on road. this will get me, fitter, faster also riding twice a day will be a big thing as well, as this will improve my fitness and stamina. I would love to travel more but I might start riding on my road only if it is on my spinner to get my leg speed up. Which I think is something that will just come to me or at least I hope so.

One thing about my riding is I like to have goals in mind which will get my speed up and get my legs going. I have changed my gearing and that is what will be first to get there and this will take some time to do but I will have that. I will also set goals for distance as well. So I will be out till I hit them which should also make me faster.


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