Reviewing​ my year of 2018

Well, I am going to be sorting out what I have and have not done as I should be doing more then I have.  As at the start of the year, I have been working hard to do better then I have had.  For some odd reason the end of the year I slow down in doing things I have noticed.  At the being, I am all pumped and ready to go as where now I am not as much.  This is something that I need to push through and work out.  I have to say working with people is fun but shooting landscapes is bring me more pleasure than anything else.  I will just go through and sort out what the happened thought out the year.

  • More model shots – I have not shot as much as I wanted to.  I need to start being more creative without spending too much money.
  • Weekly landscape shots – This has been great fun and will definitely do this from now on.  I love taking photos and working on a mag not a book for this year as the price difference is alot.
  • Look at doing another book – This might be a long time off as I will be doing a landscape book instead.
  • Cycling diaries –  I will keep this going as of right now I am getting the feeling and love of cycling back after the London to Brighton problem.  So I will be training and getting ready for longer rides in 2019.
  • Photography competitions – I have missed time the Comps and should have entered in it long ago.  I will make myself sort out a time and place for the next one.
  • Travelling – This is was not something that I could do due to money issue but I am hoping to change that.
  • Longer bike rides – This is something that took planning and I need to start training harder and harder for the next London to Brighton.
  • More Blogs each week –  This is something that keeps me working hard.  I know to do 2-3 blogs a week.  Which is better than one a week.

There are things that I should have sorted out for this year and just forgot about it when I should be working on them.  This is one thing I hope to change other the next year.  I am working on these things as they all change and need to work on more things that I am doing.

I am looking at working on and with different subjects as I go along.  I do hope your year is as good as mine.


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