My Year to come (Happy New Year 2019)

Happy new year to all my readers and new ones that have just come across my site. I have a few things I would like to do thought out the year and will try and sort them out as I go along. One thing I have to say frist is that I have some goals I would like to do this year which I missed out on from last year if you like to know more please read the blog about the year that has been, by clicking here.

I have been putting thought into my year ahead as there are things that I would love to do. I will be planning my year better for my blogs and shoots as I need to have some discipline.  I do hope to have more luck in getting more people following me and my photography. 

The list below is what my plans are for the year. I would love to do more I will go through with some things that I will try to follow and hopefully this will be a good thing for me and the future.

  • 365 Project – I have set a reminder to this one on all days from Jan 1st. The idea behind it is that I will be shooting every day with my DSLR camera and I will get the images up by 9 pm at night. I will be putting them through my laptop so I can put numbers on them to show how many I have done.
  • Landscape – I will be keeping this going thought out the year the same way that I have been thought out 2018.
  • Comps – I will be entering comps and just not planning on entering them.
  • Riding – I will be doing London to Brighton Off-Road again and will be doing training blogs like least time.
  • Projects – I hope to do more projects like this year and finish off one of the jobs I have been doing.
  • Books – I plan on doing another landscape book for 2019 and I will have the December photos of 2018 in there as well.
  • Keeps shooting – I hope to keep doing model shoots thought out the year.

This might seem to you a lot of things to do, but to me, it looks like I am going to be working hard and have some fun going through different styles and planning my year out as there are alot of different things that can change things thought this year.

I hope to do some amazing work over the next year


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