Well, I did try and put a cycling blog about last week. Just I missed out on a few days and I need to make sure that I am back riding which is what is changing and getting ready to ride more.

Monday Ride

I have to say it was a good day to ride and chill out as the new workout will be starting soon as well. This will help me lose weight and get stronger and stronger when i go riding.

Tuesday Ride

Good ride today in some stunning sky and weather. I will be going out for a walk today and landscape. I have to say riding in the morning is fun it is just how I like where it is not hot every thought it is winter and I have to say winter is an amazing time of year.

Wednesday Ride

It is a stunning day today and is perfect for going riding and seeing new different places in this area. But since I have alot of work that needs to be done I thought I would keep going at the speed I am going at as welll as the distance. I have to say cycling in this weather is fun and can not wait to do more.

Thursday Ride

I woke up this morning and thought to myself that I need to go for a ride which I did in some amazing frost. It was a hard ground ride for most of it as the frost had not changed, to mud yet which is only a good thing.

Friday Ride

Well, unlike yesterday when I wrote this in the evening I am writing this in the morning. I have to say doing this is better then at night as I will be working on how things work out. There are things that will change how I have felt about the ride. It was also raining this morning before I got up which is always fun, as this dose mean there will be muddy sections.

Saturday Ride

I got up a bit later then planned today. which push my ride back a bit. It was fun and good to get out again on my bike but there was alot of runners in the Arches, today and there seems to be alot of times I have been down there and where this race is apart of my time cycling at the moment so I need to start timing my rides right so I can miss them as I do not went to be out there when they are running.

Sunday Thought

being back on my bike is a great feeling and haveing a chance to ride every day was great fun. I do say cycling is going to just get me better all the time. I will be working on the areas that are involed in cycling so I can see if I can go faster for longer and harder at some point in the future.


Cycling has encountered more enemies than any other form of exercise.”
19th-century author Louis Baudry de Saunier

This is true. I have had a woman have a go at me as I am on my bike and not walking as she pulls her kid along on a runner bike.

I hope you enjoyed this


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