Why do I use a Mac over Windows, for retouching?

Well this is not just because Mac’s are the best thing for doing digital arts, but then again I do like to use my PC for retouching as well. There are things that can change over time. I use to use one for all my retouching when I was at home on my PC which has Windows OS. The one big difference is that I have always had to install the drivers.

There was a lot of this to start with but that has changed other time. I know using the better OS but I still like my PC as if that breaks it would cheaper to fix then Macs. This is the biggest drawback about Mac’s is the price of the parts if something breaks. As of where PC’s are cheaper for parts.

The reason for using Mac is a stupid one where windows have decided to put there own stylist software which does not work well with Wacom tablets. I need some control over the size of the brush, and with windows having there own system to use for resizing this can be a pain so I have switched to my, Mac OS then windows.

I have to see how to fix the problem but the thing that changed my mind is windows did something that has stopped me from sorting out the problem. So since I had a Mac book I chose to switch to my laptop and set up my desk in a way I can use my Mac as my main computer.

I would say that working between the two is differnet and get complicated as they are different and same at the same time. You have to get used to using the right buttons for the right tool.

I hope this helps as this is why I like using Macs at the moment over PC.  If I can work with my PC agian, I would.


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