Is having a home server a good thing for your photos?

This is something that I have had since I become freelance.  I have to say it is good to know that I have all my photos in one place.  So I do not have to worry about how many photos on my Mac or PC at any one time.  I have set up a filing system for importing my photos so it is easyier to find.  As I might have to look for photos that I have already done and would like to change.  I have to work out when I shot the images just to find them.

This is more true with all the landscape photos that I have taken over last year.  I have added all the photos from my photo hard drive to here which sadly is starting to run out of space but hopefully it will be a while till it dose feels up fully.  It is easy to get on there just it will take some time to update it.

This is the one thing I am not a fan off is all the moving around I will have to do when it comes to retouching and my photos.  I will need to start the move soon as I would like to have them in different places. 

One thing about backing up which I should but do not do.  Is to have things in other locations than where I am.  This is not great as I should be doing this. Just I do not have the money right know, for it.  

I would say if you are a photographer you should have your own home server as this will help out with file handling and working on photos on that you shot years ago.


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