Street photography and my thoughts about this style

I am not the biggest fan of street photography as there is not much art to this style.  I have to say that there is some style to the images in the way they look, but there is no real art to it.  To me, there is more of a point and click through to all the images.

I have done some street photography but have found out that it is just walking around the streets and shooting people that are going about there business. I have worked through some of these and might give it another go at some point. I will be showing you some shots soon.

The only thing is thought about this photo is that is just showing normal daily life for people that we do not know. I have done a project when I was in uni that was based around street performing. Where you see the faces of people that are watching street performers. I might have another idea for a street project just I am thinking about it more and more.

My thoughts on street photography is that there is a place for it just I am not a fan of this style.


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