Fantasy Photography, retouch and me…

This is something that I have been thinking about and doing for some time now.  I love looking at fantasy photos, I have tried once or twice tried to do a fantasy photo but it just never worked out.  I would like to start doing a few of these for a while.  I will have a blog noting how it is going and how I feel about it.

I will be looking at some cool art that has been done, but I do hope to start working on them as soon as I can.  I have to say I love fantasy books, films and shows.  Not only will I be taking the photos I will be retouching with goals in mind.

I know this will change my retouch skills as this will make art look amazing. There are areas of Photoshop that I have not used before and hope to learn how to do this. This will be a way to learn new things every day to work through some amazing art and styles.

Most of the images are multiple photos in one image which is where I will be working with. As this is a hope that will work amazingly well each other. I am hoping this will work out as I try new things and see what will make good images.

I have added some different styles that I would try to do or at least try to create.


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