Pinterest – Is it good for photographers?

What is Pinterest I here you say? It is a place where you can make mood boards for anything really from room decorating to cooking. This is something that is great for photographers as making a mood board is easy to share them as wel.

When I come across this site there was no app or anything like that. But know there is an app which you can share with people thought other apps. I have to say that working with Pinterest is just fun as you can have alot more boards for differnet things which can give you a wider range of projects, shoots or things you would love to do.

Seeing this place for what it is as a photographer is something that is needed as you sort out shots with models and other people part of it different so we all know for the future of shots. I have a few moodboards myself and should really start working thought them and would like to do some working on that soon.

I would love to work with models and sort out shoots like this as other people will see what you are thinking. This is what I think is one of the best things about Pinterest.

These are my thoughts about how Pinterest is for what I use it for.


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