Test shooting your kit and styles.

Why is this so important? Well, the kit side of things is so you know how to shoot with it. As you will now how it all works so when on set you do not have any problems. There is also another reason which is the price you spend so much money you need to make sure there is nothing wrong with it if there is then you can send it back.

As you can see with the photos below this was me setting my camera for the shoot I am working on. I was working on light placements in this sets and how the black background looks good.

I do normally work on these things as I like to know if it can be done before I do it or use it. Also, this does help you to understand how the light will fall on the subject and how things will be changing, thought out and during the shot.

These are me finding the focal point for each of the styles.

There are things that can help and that is drawing light layouts. Which will help out on how the final looks will be. As I use to work in a studio I got used to changing sets if they looked wrong as there are alot more different ways to do the same thing. The only problem was that I was not actuall working as a photographer but a retoucher. I will go in more depth into layout shoots as I have a book on it but it will be best if I did a shoot to go with it.

As for the style. You can make sure the look you are going for is going to work and how the final image will look. I do have a blog coming out soon as I hope to do some macro photography with water and dye. I will be talking about how I feel about doing this as I will be testing beforehand then the shoot itself as I would like to work with different liquids more than just the die.

I have added some shots that are tested to see how things will look and what I need to change. The next blog will be about the results and what I have found out. I hope this is will has helped for future shoots.


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