Liquid photography

This is something that I love to see as there are a lot of things that can change and feel. This blog is about thoughts and feeling towards the style and working on the photos in photoshop afterwards. As I am sure their alot of cool looks to photos that can be done. I will also be playing with light as well.

Know that I have shot in this style I have learnt a lot. I will be shooting more like this as time goes by. These will be done in the same system but there will be a different look to all the shoots. As I am doing this alone I had to work a system that would work best. I have not taken photos of the said system but it does involve electric tape. On top of the glass to show the ware I need to put the drops.

How this worked is two strips across the top all the way then another two to show the spot where I need to put the drops. That way I worked out where the focus was I used one of the pipettes that I own to drop the dye in which I kept clean. I would have this one hanging down and I would focus on that so there was no guesswork in it. I was mainly hoping this would work and in my thoughts it has.

As you can see with the photos there are things I will get better at for next time. Like having a tank of water with a clean look to it all. Also, I will try out different liquids as well. There are a few things I would like to change that are not as normal though and these are things I would have no clue in how they look. But I have enjoyed shooting these photos as well as looking at them, I have a mindset where everything can be improved on that you do. So in the future, I would like to do another one of these but a bit differnet at the same time.

I do hope you like the shoots. As they are fun to make.


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