When is the best time to shoot?

There are a lot of things that are amazing. The one thing you learn when you shoot landscapes weekly is that there are alot of different lights depending on the time of day. For the best time to shoot is the Golden Hour which is a half hour before and an hour after sunrise and the opposite is true for sunset. As this has some amazing light to them and there are some things that will not change during the day.

There are a few things with taking photos at certain times is the amount of light you will have. As for midday can be the worst time to shoot as there can be too much of it. This sounds odd I know just this time has the biggest contrast between shadows and the light side. This is actuall only true when you are on a cloudless day. Otherwise, you can use clouds to soften the light.

Normal If I am shooting on a bright day with a model I would have there back to the sun and use a flash to feel the face or have the whole face in the sun as this will keep the shadows to a small amount.

The one thing will be that is normal most important is what you are looking for in the photos you are taking.


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