How do I plan a Photography Session.

The most useful thing that helps out with this is what you are planning. most of the time as long as you have your camera most of the planning is about just what you are shooting.

With stills, you are mainly shooting with static lights and you need to work out where you would like them. For me personal I have an idea of what I have in mind. Which helps out with the lighting setup.

Working with models is a lot more different as you ave to talk to models, stylist, make up artist and hair people. As this will have to come all together would look amazing as you will talk and show moodboards to each other as you will be on the same page when it comes to the shot it self.

Well when it comes to actulel planning it is good to have a few things to follow. These are things that I look at:

  • Moodbaord
  • Light
  • Camera
  • Batterys
  • Clothes (If you have said the model can use them)
  • Lens
  • Permission depending on the location

There is a few more things but this is to do more with chatting and what you are shooting with models. There is no point telling the model it is a shoot just come along then asking them to get naked as most models are not happy about that sort of thing. You go thought alot of differnet things from the look you would love to have to where you hope to see the images. This is all the same with the stylist and every one else working on this shot.

This is more of how I think when it comes to planning. Like anything every one works a differnet way to each other. The main thing is to find a way that works for you as this works for me it might not work for you.


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