My new hobbi​e

This is something that is a bit geeky as I am just starting out on it. I am looking forward to starting to play. What I am talking about is Warhammer 40,000. Which is a turn-based game with dice. It is more complicated than this but this is the drift as there are different factions and different play styles.

Making my first batch.

Well, this was fun. I did enjoy making all the figures and I like how they all look as they are very different looking. I have to say that it did take a while and there was alot of different ways I could have done it but I have to say that the one I have done.

Painting them

Well, this is something that I have not done before and normal me I make a few mistakes. To me, if I do not make mistakes you do not learn. I have to say that I will be working on how it will all look. I am changing the way I do painting the base is best for me as I have tried spraying them was also a good idea in the cold weather. I will try again to use it just for know I am going to use a brush.

As I have been painting more and more I have seen that having a primer coat on there. I have not done any airbrushing or anything to do with using spray cans before. I am hoping that it will all go well.

My frist game

This more with my own man. It was fun and there was a lot of death on the other side. There are alot of things I need to look at as well, but I will be playing another game soon.

I have to say this is fun and playing the games are fun and there are arms to try or play as. This is something that makes the game fun as swapping arms as they have different play styles as well as strength.


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