How I have found my style?

Well, that only way I have found this is that I go and take photos till you find what you like. I am still not sure if truth be told what I like for myself, but then again I do change what I shot all the time. I do love taking photos and find it a bit of a challenge when you are seeing different styles, as well as shooting like that.

This is something that can change thought out what you are looking at or for. I have to say that I have always loved fantasy photography and this is something I am working on. I have to say I need to start sorting out my day more, so I can work through the lot in my head as well as on paper is something different. I have a list of over things that I need to sort out, not just photos.

The one thing I have tried to do is style some photos. I also need to put a day or two aside to get my fantasy work sorted. As there is something that is on my mind.

I know this is not a long one but I have had a few other things, that I have had to sort out.


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